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Bullfigting shows: 500,000 less fans

The interest for bullfights and bullfighting shows continues to decline. The survey conducted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports on Cultural Habits and Practices of bullfighting shows or (2018-2019), highlights that there has been half a million fewer attendees in the last four years.

Official data of the survey confirm that bullfighting undergoes a progressive decline, even having been legally protected when bullfighting was declared part of Spain’s cultural heritage by the former Government of the Popular Party, on 2013.

In a decade, the number of bullfights reduced from 810 per year to 369. Bullfighting shows in arenas have also decreased from 3,295 to 1,521, according to bullfighting statistics. Bullfighting festivals, such as running of the bulls, also slowed their rise in 2018.

Some of the most significant results of the survey confirm this point. According to the statistics, the general public’s interest for bullfigting is (10 means the maximum interest) :

65% from 0 to 2 28,5% 5 5,9% from 9 to10