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Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal Adda Ong

Initial aims and achievements

What have we promoted?

The first Animal Protection Law in the autonomous region of Catalonia and Spain in 1988 and the reform of the second Animal Protection law approved in 2003 and supported by a petition of over 50,000 signatures. We achieved, amongst other issues, the ban on killing abandoned pets in kennels and shelters.

We lobby and collaborate with institutions to improve regulations at a local, regional, national and European level.

The official Declaration of Barcelona as an “anti-bullfighting city” in 2004 supported by 245,000 signatures. From 2004 to 2010, we campaigned for, and achieved, the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia and we handed in a petition of 676,500 signatures to the Parliament of Catalonia.

We conduct information campaigns, educational programs and the promotion and organization since 2005, of the Animaladda Fair, for the defense and well-being of abandoned pets. It is a pioneering event, which has, amongst other achievements, found new homes for hundreds of abandoned cats and dogs.

Ngo ADDA has taken action, and denounced, spectacles based on the subjection and torture of animals; the bad conditions intrinsic within farming factory; the transport and slaughter of animals. We promote the use of alternatives methods of experimentation that do not involve the use of animals. We raise awareness of ethical and responsible consumption that promotes the reduction of abusive practices and exploitation and have achieved many improvements and positive changes.