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The Parliament of Catalonia agrees to reopen the debate on “correbous”

The Parliament of Catalonia approved, on Thursday, September 26, a motion for a resolution presented by EnComú Podem, which asks the Government to make the necessary regulatory changes so that the different modalities of correbous are no longer held in Catalonia.

The initiative, which has been voted in the Plenary, has been approved with 50 votes in favor, 17 against and 61 abstentions.

The promoters of this iniciative: FAADA, Anima Naturalis, Fundació Fauna, Libera, Fondation Franz Weber, Lex Ànima, Tots Som Poble and Ong ADDA welcome the support of the Parliament to accept to resume the debate on correbous aimed to abolish these cruel practices with animals.

To date, the mentionned animal welfare associations have met with the political groups ERC, En Comú Podem, JxCat and the PSC, and plan to also hold meeting with Cs and CUP.

Tots Som Poble, a neighborhood movement of Amposta (Tarragona) says: We are very pleased with this step forward, since our protests have always been silenced by fear.

Marta Pujol of Lex Ànimal says: correbous are not anymore, a local issue but a national issue.

Today the path has been traced to continue improving animal rights in Catalonia, says Aida Gascó, the director of Anima Naturalis, an entity that during the last years has focused a good part of her efforts to document and reported correbous held in Terres de l'Ebre (Tarragona) and managed to end those in the city of Badalona (Barcelona).

Carlos López, spokesman for Libera, one of the entities that led the ILP to ban bullfights in Catalonia, believes that Catalonia can again be put on the map as an international symbol of courage, coherence and progress.

Carla Cornella, FAADA, says: Catalan society is ashamed of correbous, now it is just necessary that the Government has the courage to materialize the spirit of this motion for resolution.

"It is very positive that the Catalan Parliament starts a debate on correbous, yet the social debate is already won", says Carmen Méndez, president of ADDA, one of the oldest animal protection association in Catalonia.

David Serramitjana director of Fundació Fauna that led the end of bullfighting and correbous in Olot, believes that this time there is hope. We trust that the spirit of what has been voted today will not break down and these shows of animal abuse end once and for good. We want an anti-bullfighting Catalonia.

Anna Mulà, from the Foundation Franz Weber, explains that the time has come to take a step forward and that the Catalan animal protection law finally becomes coherent and fair.

Also, Magda Oranich, president of the Animal Law Commission of the Barcelona Bar Association, believes that the end of correbous has come and that they can no longer be sustained, either legally or with public funding.

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