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Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal Adda Ong

We denounce

Animals in circuses

Elephants, lions, tigers, rhinoceros, zebras, chimpanzees, crocodiles, pythons, ostriches, dromedaries, bears, etc. A long list of animals subjected and converted into puppets for human entertainment.


Balancing on balls, riding a bicycle, driving motorcycles, jumping through rings of fire, dancing, jumping, smoking, standing on two legs, getting up, are some of the anti-natural numbers that animals in circuses must interpret, after a long training and domination process to do away with their free will.


It is a physical and psychological aggression, via difficult techniques, where they force them to act in a way contrary to how they would in the wild. Different and constant rehearsals are aimed at the complete control of the animal, frightening and causing them anguish until succeeding in doing away with their natural instinct and free will.


Constant travelling from one country to another, sudden changes in temperature and climate are other factors that affect animals very negatively. Transport conditions in cage/trailers, with few and insufficient square metres, makes minimum comfort impossible, besides being the permanent and obligatory home for species such as big cats and bears.


A number of accidents have occurred, in circuses, as a result of ill-treatment and the bad living conditions of the animals. Stressed by the type of lives that they live, totally contrary to their natural habitat, sometimes they loose control due to, the presence of the public, the volume of the music during the shows, the reflection of the spotlights and forced enclosure.


The circus is a show that has limitless own human resources without having to subject animals to ridicule, ill-treatment and humiliation. This has been understood by a number of circuses, which have achieved huge success and acceptance by the public, through the art and magic of their clowns, acrobatic and juggling acts.


  • A number of countries and cities all over the world have forbidden or limited the presence of animals in circuses.
  • In part, the continuance of this ill-treatment and domination of animals depends on the public that attends the shows.
  • Ask us for more information.
  • Contribute by making people aware and spreading the word.

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