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Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal Adda Ong


The Catalan Parliament sets up for debate in Plenary on the continuity of the "correbous".

On September 25, the debate has started in the Parliament of Catalonia on the continuity of popular festivals with bulls, "los correbous". This is the result of several meeting held with the representatives of the different political parties, where animal welfare organizations urged them to resume the debate of “correbous” in the Parliament, in order to eliminate the exception that allows the continuty of these cruel bullfighting events, in the current Law for the Protection of Animals.

The animal welfare organizations involved in this initiative are: Anima Naturalis, Franz Weber Foundation, Fauna Foundation, FAADA, Libera, Lex Anima, ACTYMA, Tot Som Poble and Ong ADDA.