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Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal Adda Ong



Platform “La Tortura No es Cultura” an organisation of leading animal protection associations, of which Ong ADDA is a member, launched together with Animal Guardians the campaign #ENDCALFTORTURE. The aim is to put an end to bullfighting with calves, by modifying the national and regional bullfighting regulations to prohibit bullfighting with bulls under 2 years old.

Of all forms of bullfighting, the one performed with calves – known as Becerradas in Spain are undoubtedly the cruelest because in them, the youngest bulls are atrociously tortured and killed. Even within the bullfighting lobby, there are many that think that these practices damage the image of the so-called “fiesta” and should be eliminated.

The cruel physical and psychological suffering of animals during bullfights is increased due to greater fragility of calves, their reduced reaction capability and their desperate need to feel protected by their mothers and herd. Moreover, calf-fighting is usually practiced by inexperienced people, like students of bullfighting schools, who stab the instruments of torture in the wrong places of the animal body, extracting them and nailing them again and again until calves die with desperate cries of pain.

It is necessary to explain and raise awareness within the society that although the adult bull hardly moos when attacked in order to show strength, the desperate bellows of pain and panic of these small animals during the fight, trying to attract the help of their own, tear the heart of anyone having a minimum of sensitivity.