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Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal Adda Ong



Ong ADDA has joined a new European Coalition, CRUELTY FREE EUROPE which will campaign to bring animal experiments to an end across the EU. It is based in Brussels (Belgium) and its partner organisations are from the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, Malta and Poland. ADDA will represent Spain in this new Coalition.

CRUELTY FREE EUROPE will be working with elected Members of the European Parliament and supporters in all Member States, and a team of experts will coordinate efforts to secure change for the over 10.5 million animals currently suffering in laboratories in Europe. The priorities of CRUELTY FREE EUROPE for the upcoming 2019 – 2024 legislative period in the EU are: A comprehensive plan to end animal experiments in the European Union with agreed milestones, targets and timetables To ensure that the bans on animal testing in cosmetics and the sale of animal-tested cosmetics are implemented as intended so that Europe’s citizens can be sure that their cosmetics are cruelty free An end to the use of dogs, cats and non-human primates in experiments in Europe A review of EU funding and support for the development and validation of non-animal testing methods to make sure they are really delivering results.

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