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Sausages with "nails" for dogs, in a public park of Barcelon

People who live in the area of Villa Olímpica in Barcelona gave the warning of lethal food-traps for dogs in a public park, in an area where neighbors usually walk their dogs. A dog owner reported to the newspaper La Vanguardia that there were dozens of sausages stuffed with cloves set intentionally in the area, to harm and even kill the dogs.

The neighbors called the Local Police of Barcelona (Guardia Urbana). The first call did not receive any answer. Finally, having insisted, the Police showed up. Nonetheless the agents did not register the complaint of the neighbors, arguing that they could not do anything if there is no suspect.

This is not the first case of its kind in Catalonia. It happened recently in Calafell (Baix Penedès) and in Santa Maria de Palautordera (Vallès Oriental). However, in these municipalities, the police rushed to post posters and spread the alert through social networks and warn users of public facilities. In these cases, the police also use to ask for citizen collaboration.

In Barcelona, neighbors wonder: Is the local Police expecting to act that there is a victim?

Source La Vanguardia