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Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal Adda Ong


Ong ADDA launches its request for CCTV in all Spanish slaughterhouses

Ong ADDA, has made public its campaign calling for compulsory CCTV cameras in all Spanish slaughterhouses, in order to ensure the compliance with the regulations established for the breeding, transport and killing of animals used for human consumption, commonly called livestock.

A "performance" was held on June 14, 2018 in front of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Generalitat de Catalunya, coinciding with the international campaign “Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day”.

The news was covered by several media. At the end of the protest, the President of Ong ADDA delivered at the reception of the Department, a protest shirt for the newly appointed Minister of Agriculture of the autonomous government of Catalonia, Mrs. Teresa Jordà, as a souvenir of the event.

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