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TAKE ACTION to ban canned lion hunting in South Africa

“Canned hunting” is the hunting of wild animals confined in fenced areas from which they cannot escape. The animals are hand-reared and consequently they are habituated to human contact.

This kind of hunting is a substitute of game hunting, with the purpose to guarantee hunters an easy trophy because animals are not naturally fearful of them.

This cruel and absurd way of killing animal is not a recent invention. Canned hunting or “pay-per-hunting” has being practiced for many years. Different species of wild animals (deers, hares, partridges) are captive-bred and then released in hunting areas, where they are easily shot by hunters.

The campaign against canned lion hunting in South Africa is revealing that there are no bounds to greed and no scruples for some lucrative sectors.

Canned hunting implies also other negative impacts:

The number of lions being captive- bred is increasing in South Africa. About 8,000 are estimated to be currently captive in hunting camps while only 3,000 lions are living in the wild. Consequently, this represents a threat to wild lion population in Africa and to their environment.

TAKE ACTION: Send protest letters to the President and the Government Officials of South Africa, and CITES Officials

All information available at : http://www.cannedlion.org/global-march.html