The Association for the defense of animal rights - was founded in 1976 and was the first Spanish NGO devoted to animal defense and animal rights.

We are a non-profit association that was declared to be of benefit to the public in 1981. ADDA is an apolitical and independent Non Governmental Organization.

What do we do?

We promote the respectful, and ethically correct, treatment of animals and help, through legal and peaceful means, to support and work toward their defense and well-being


We collaborate with institutions and try to bring our influence to bear in promoting the need for respect toward, and preservation of, nature and biodiversity.

We do all this with the help of:

Our members, contributors and supporters
Our Board of Directors. The members of our board also run the association and work as volunteers, independent and non-remunerated.

Are you concerned about the way animals are treated?

Are you interested in their defense and welfare?

Your support is vital!


Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal
C/ Bailén 164 Bajos 08037 Barcelona
Email: adda@addaong.org
Tel: (0034) 93 459 1601

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